• The payment of de taxes can be divided when the debt is more than two hundred euros.
  • Installment:
    1. The debt between 200 and 1500 euros can be divided in six months.
    2. From 1.501 to 6000 euros in twelve months.
    3. The debt of more than 6.000 euros in a maximum of 24 months.
  • If the debt is less than 18.000 euros you can arrange the division directly in the tax collection department presenting a number of current account of a Spanish Bank.
  • Tax has a discount of five percent by direct debt. Can be direct debit taxes two months before the period of voluntary collection
  • Pensioner don´t pay the receipt of refuse if the monthly income is less than 900 euros and not to be the second house.
  • Bonuses:
    1. 20% by solar panels and 20% large Family.
    2. 100% for vehicles of more than 25 years and 100 % for disability.
    3. All bonuses previous request.